The Best Way To Avoid Brother Printer Issues

BROTHER PRINTER is an impeccable printer brand which offers high-quality printer at an affordable price range. But affordability comes with a specific price, as Brother Printer may bother users with their technical and hardware flaws. We are well aware that printer is the delicate machine which is highly prone to technical bottleneck.

However, users can take the advantage of some preliminary measure to avoid printer’s failure. At Brother Printer Tech Support, our experts have designed a maintenance method to avoid any catastrophic printer failure. Users need to avail these methods carefully, for more detail and query on the printer issues,

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● Check your machine for any paper jams and remove any that exist.
● Make sure to delete the print jobs in the queue of the print setting.
● Explore the printer’s control box and choose the desired printer.
● Select the print job and choose “Delete”.
● Switch off your machine and unplug its cable from the power source.
● Wait for a couple of minutes and power up your machine again.
● Close the entire program and shut down your system.
● Waits for a couple of minutes and reboot the PC again.
● Click the Start button and navigate to the printer panel.
● Choose the printer and select “Delete”.
● Choose “Add Printer wizard” and add the printer again.
● Navigate to Brother’s website to locate the latest printer driver.
● Explore to the printer “Properties”.
● Look for the options like Update driver” or “new driver”.

Once you complete the above troubleshooting process, you need to reset the ink level of the Brother printer in the following way.

● Power up your machine and waits until it boots up properly.
● Explore the error messages and removes the toner cartridges from the printer.
● Now install the toner cartridges back to your machine.
● The printer read this installation and prompt the user’s with the message “did you refilled ink”
● Tap yes three time to continue and the ink level will be reset.

If you failed to resolve the issues or having issues with availing these methods, make sure to dial Brother Printer Phone Number today. Our experts will provide you on spot arrangement on the printer issues.


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