How Many Decisions Are Involved In Getting Logo Printed Bandanas Made?

There come times in adult life that you need to promote something. It might be a fundraiser you want to do for a sports team or a youth group trying to do a mission project somewhere. You might have a product or service at the company you work at, lead, or own that you want to do viral marketing for. There might even be a nonprofit charity or good cause that you’d like to spread the word about. Whatever the case, you need some unique way of doing this, and logo printed bandanas are an effective and unique way to do just that.

It’s a good decision to get logo printed bandanas made, for whatever reason that you need them done. However, that decision is going to be followed by many more decisions. Keep reading to learn what some of them are:

Can You Use The Logo?

If you’re trying to promote something, can you use their logo? An amateur sports team or religious house of worship might not mind. A national charity or corporation is likely to assert legal rights.

Who Will Design It If Need Be?

If you’re not going to use a pre-existing logo, then someone has to design the new one. Will that be you or someone you know? Or will you have the screen-printer do it?

How Many Do You Need?

This can be really tricky to figure out. You want enough to hand out and be successful, but you also don’t want to get so many that you have boxes of them just sitting around.

What Will The Colors Or Patterns Be?

The logo isn’t the only thing that you can choose. You can select from quite a few backgrounds and color combinations along the way.

What’s Your Budget Like?

No matter how many you might want, you can’t really order more than you can afford. If you’re selling them or doing a successful fundraiser though, the money you collect from an initial batch might pave the way for more later.

How Soon Do You Need Them?

You might have already been consulting a local shop about your potential order, and keeping money in your local community might be important to you. However, you should know that they might have limited production capability. While they might seem like the fastest option, doing an online order might be a lot cheaper if you have enough lead time for shipping to happen. For that matter, your local mom and pop might even be sending your work out and charging you a percentage on top of the overhead they have to cover.

You already know that getting bandanas with logos printed on them can be a great way to promote the things you believe in, be it a charitable cause that makes the world better, your kids Little League team, or something you sell through work. Now that you’ve read this, you know some of the secondary decisions involved in placing an order for these handy pieces of fabric.